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Kiyosumi Maru

Dive Day 1

Each dive series started with a dive briefing. The Captain had some nice sketches that gave us a good idea of what to expect, without complicating the issue.

We made two dives on the Kiyosumi Maru. It was a hot, overcast, and windy day with some four-foot waves. The water was warm, but the visibility was only about 20 feet. The 450-foot ship rests on its port side, with the shallow part of the hull at 40 feet and the sand at about 90 feet. These were shallow dives!

My buddy and I were each comfortable diving solo, so we agreed that we would each continue if separated. We each jumped in, I turned to pick up my camera, and when I turned back, he was gone. I continued on my own and photographed some of the growth on the wreck. I did some shallow penetrations in the bow section, and then surfaced. I had trouble spotting the ship as it was blowing around at anchor, and finally surfaced about 100 feet away. The ships boat attacked me on the way back, but I escaped.

On the second dive, I dove the aft portion of the ship. This was a shallower dive, I spent some more time at depth, and on this dive I found the Odyssey's dive ladder without incident. I considered this an excellent dive.

Briefing diagram


Soft corals







Dive ladder

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