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Shinkoku Maru

Dive Day 2

After one dive on the Fumitzuki, we moved to the Shinkoku Maru for three more dives. The 500-foot Shinkoku Maru sits upright on a sloping bottom, with the bow in 40 feet of water and the stern about 100 feet deeper. A port-side torpedo hole at 125 feet leads to the engine room.

On the first dive, I took a general tour of the ship. Visibility was limited to about 20 feet. While passing aft down the port side, I wanted to swim through the superstructure but some jellyfish were blocking my way, so I passed by on the outside. My flash unit did not function on this dive.

On the second dive, I went forward and inside to the surgery. This open area contains a table with human remains and artifacts in one corner. My flash was working, but divers passing through soon silted the place enough to limit the photo opportunity. I also noted a mild cross-current coming from the front starboard quarter.

My third dive occurred at dusk. The visibility was still only about 30 feet, so I limited my pictures to close-ups of the sea life.

In the evening, we watched the video taken by one of the divers on my 2008 Galápagos trip.

Briefing diagram

Bottles etc.

Encrusted superstructure

My sister



Bottles & Bones

Lantern, etc.





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