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Rio de Janeiro Maru

Dive Day 1

The Rio de Janeiro maru is a 461 foot former passenger liner that the Japanese turned into a submarine tender and later a troop transport. She rests on her starboard side in 110 feet of water. We did two dives on the Rio de Janeiro Maru, and sat through some rain showers between the dives.

On the first dive, several of us followed the bow line down to the bow of the wreck, and swam through the twisted metal under the bow. I then split from the others and moved aft, where I ran into my sister. She took a few photos of me, and showed me where the jug line to the surface was tied. I did a hanging decompression while the Odyssey swung back and forth above me, then grabbed the ladder as it passed by.

On the second dive (the day's fourth), I visited the engine room. There was too much silt lingering from the earlier divers so I did not get any good pictures there. Later, I went aft to holds #3 (gun turret) and #4 (sake bottles), and then back to the propellers. By then it was dusk and too dark for natural light photos. What a shame, this would have been a nice wreck to get more pictures from.

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