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Fujikawa Maru

Dive Day 4

Fujikawa Maru is a 437-foot transport ship sitting upright in 100 to 120 feet of water. It is one of the better and more popular dive sites in the lagoon.

On the first dive, I visited the bow section, meeting my sister and her husband along the way. The 6-inch bow gun is intact, and one can read the plaque with the serial number and 1899 date. The #1 hold contains guns and ammunition, #2 has a Zero airplane, and #3 holds oil drums.

We had a rainstorm between dives. After the storm, the Captain led two of us on an engine room tour. We entered through a torpedo hole, leaving the 80-foot visibility outside for a more limited 20 feet inside, mainly due to silt stirred up by divers on the earlier dive. I was able to get a number of pictures, including one of the famous "R2D2" air compressor, but mine is not nearly as nice as ones taken on silt-free days.

It rained again after the dive, so we did not do a third dive here.

Briefing diagram



Wing & Drums


Empty shells

Bow gun

Bow gun






Roll indicator


Cylinder head






Air compressor "R2D2"

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