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Nippo Maru

Dive Day 5

The 353-foot transport Nippo Maru sits stern-down with a port list. The bow deck is at 90 feet, the stern deck at 140. She carries a tank, a truck, and artillery pieces as deck cargo. Her holds contain gas masks, shells, bottles, motors, gun mounts, barrels, and miscellaneous items.

I was able to get a good tour of the ship on the first dive. The visibility was still limited, but it was better than it had been earlier in the week, and I was able to photograph some larger items, such as the tank sitting on the forward deck and artillery pieces in the holds. The Odyssey drifted away just as I surfaced, so rather than submerge and hang for its return, I took a line from 20 feet away and pulled myself in.

I sat out the second dive to off-gas some nitrogen. By my calculation, I would have had an 11-minute bottom time limit, and I didn't want to plan a long decompression on a single-tank dive.

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