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Sankisan Maru

Dive Day 5

The Sankisan Maru was 380 feet long originally, but the rear 200 feet is a massive, thoroughly destroyed area of twisted metal. The forward hold is filled with bullets, #2 with a truck, truck frames,, large airplane pieces (fuselage, engine, wings), and #3 with medicine, sake and beer bottles, and coal. Several trucks sit on deck, and their rubber tires are still intact.

This was the third dive of the day. Once again, visibility in the top 20 feet was only 20 feet, but below that improved to about 50 feet. I met my sister on the down line and waited there for her husband to arrive, and then I continued on my own. Once again, I was able to get quite a few photos, but for some reason the bullets in the #1 bold were notoriously difficult to get in focus. On the other hand, the deck cargo photographed rather easily because of the natural light.














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