Gear Cutting with the G3617 and a Dividing Head

I had an old flat belt Logan lathe that had a broken tooth on the saddle feed gear, so I decided to make a new gear. The gear is a double gear; i.e., it has two diameters, one with 32 teeth and one with 16. This series of photos shows me using a gear cutter on the horizontal spindle. The gear blank is mounted on an arbor and indexed by a dividing head.

I took these pictures with my cell phone, so the resolution is not up to the quality one would expect from a real camera.

Almost immediately after finishing this gear, I bought my PM-1640. Needing the space, I had to get rid of the Logan. I loaned it to a friend, so I do not have any photos of installing the gear.

I started with a cast iron blank, turned it to shape on the lathe,
then set it up on the mill, using the dividing head.


This is an end view of the dividing head setup.
Here, I've cut about a quarter of the first gear.


Another view of the dividing head setup.


Almost finished with the first gear.


Cutting the second, smaller gear.


The finished gear, with a bronze bearing inserted.