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Robert Sturrock's Parents

I am trying to confirm whether James Sturrock Jr. [1730-1786] and Isobel Mill [1733-1782] are the parents of Robert Sturrock [1770-1813]. James and Isobel were married in 1756, and are buried in the Kirkyard in Monikie, Angus, Scotland. A DNA test showing that I am completely unrelated to another believed descendant of James and Isobel casts doubt on our respective descents. In my case, the most likely source of error, if there is one, is in Robert being James and Isobel's son. If he is not, then I would like to determine whom are his parents.

Robert Sturrock was my 4th great-grandfather. I know very little about him. He was born in 1770 in Guildy, Angus, Scotland. He married Janet Russell on 4 Aug 1790 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland. They had three sons and three daughters that I know of:

  • James Sturrock 1791–
  • Anne Sturrock 1792–
  • Melville Sturrock 1794–1861
  • Agnes Sturrock 1797–
  • Robert Sturrock 1800–1848
  • Anne Douglas Sturrock 1803–1806

I do not know much about Janet beyond her birth on 16 Dec 1772 and baptism four days later. Robert died on 1 August, 1813, in Malta, where he was a soldier in the 5th Battalion of the Royal Artillery. I don’t know his cause of death, but I think it quite likely that he was a victim of the 1813 plague that struck Malta that year. His daughter Anne also died on Malta, seven years earlier.

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