Gary Storrick's Family

Selected ancestors and their descendants

Baltimore, Maryland, USA



Latitude: 39.4424, Longitude: -76.6169


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ___(Poteet)___, Lucy  1675Baltimore, Maryland, USA I4223
2 Carraway, Mary Elizabeth  1642Baltimore, Maryland, USA I5181
3 Dorsey, Charles  1698Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10604
4 Dorsey, Edward III  1700Baltimore, Maryland, USA I9852
5 Huntemann, Charles Oliver Jr  17 Jan 1955Baltimore, Maryland, USA I1358
6 McFrederick, Andrew  Abt 1772Baltimore, Maryland, USA I1740
7 Ogg, Duncan  1723Baltimore, Maryland, USA I12026
8 Ogg, George Sr.  1667Baltimore, Maryland, USA I2202
9 Ogg, George  12 Apr 1724Baltimore, Maryland, USA I12197
10 Ogg, Katherine  1 Jan 1693Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10803
11 Ogg, Katherine  15 Jul 1728Baltimore, Maryland, USA I5484
12 Ogg, Rachel  20 Sep 1735Baltimore, Maryland, USA I55
13 Ogg, Rebecca  16 Oct 1732Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10475
14 Ogg, Ruth  1725Baltimore, Maryland, USA I5823
15 Ogg, Sarah Lucrese  5 Sep 1726Baltimore, Maryland, USA I12240
16 Ogg, William  1725Baltimore, Maryland, USA I1173
17 Porter, Peter  1738Baltimore, Maryland, USA I12069
18 Potee, Mary  1702Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10795
19 Poteet, Francis Jr.  3 Jan 1666Baltimore, Maryland, USA I2914
20 Poteet, Francis Giovanni Sr.  1643Baltimore, Maryland, USA I6787
21 Shipley, Frances  29 Jan 1759Baltimore, Maryland, USA I5513
22 Solloway, John Edwin III  7 Sep 1943Baltimore, Maryland, USA I12721
23 Stevens, Susannah  1680Baltimore, Maryland, USA I3264
24 Todd, Barnard Nathaniel Jr.  18 Jan 1838Baltimore, Maryland, USA I9399
25 Walden, Wayne Bruce  30 Nov 1970Baltimore, Maryland, USA I6561


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bagley, Elizabeth  1723Baltimore, Maryland, USA I1822
2 Barnes, Hannah  23 Feb 1772Baltimore, Maryland, USA I1208
3 Barnes, James Jr.  Aft 1791Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8239
4 Barnes, John  1800Baltimore, Maryland, USA I2474
5 Barnes, Patience  1802Baltimore, Maryland, USA I2471
6 Barnes, Richard  Aft 1753Baltimore, Maryland, USA I9441
7 Barnes, Ruth  1764Baltimore, Maryland, USA I2473
8 Barnes, Sophia  1782Baltimore, Maryland, USA I2475
9 Daggs, Agnes Ida  18 Feb 2005Baltimore, Maryland, USA I369
10 Dorsey, Benjamin  1717Baltimore, Maryland, USA I606
11 Dorsey, Charles  1732Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10604
12 Dorsey, Edward Col. Jr.  31 Dec 1705Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10008
13 Dorsey, Larkin  1712Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8531
14 Dorsey, Nicholas  2 Sep 1717Baltimore, Maryland, USA I1130
15 Dorsey, Sarah  1727Baltimore, Maryland, USA I11461
16 Dunfee, Robert L  2 Sep 1976Baltimore, Maryland, USA I1192
17 Ferguson, Grover Cleveland Sr.  Baltimore, Maryland, USA I9162
18 Howard, Joshua  1738Baltimore, Maryland, USA I5679
19 Howard, Joshua  1738Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7542
20 Huntemann, Charles Oliver Jr  14 Jun 2012Baltimore, Maryland, USA I1358
21 Lowe, Mildred Irene  3 Nov 1981Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7370
22 Martin, Russell Leo  27 Mar 1955Baltimore, Maryland, USA I5699
23 Ogg, Bethia  Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10804
24 Ogg, George Sr.  Dec 1723Baltimore, Maryland, USA I2202
25 Ogg, George  1770Baltimore, Maryland, USA I12197
26 Ogg, Katherine  22 Feb 1762Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10803
27 Ogg, Sarah Lucrese  14 Oct 1794Baltimore, Maryland, USA I12240
28 Ogg, William  1820Baltimore, Maryland, USA I1173
29 Ottinger, Maude Emma  6 Dec 1963Baltimore, Maryland, USA I1475
30 Poteet, Francis Jr.  1692Baltimore, Maryland, USA I2914
31 Poteet, Francis Giovanni Sr.  1688Baltimore, Maryland, USA I6787
32 Poteet, John P.  21 May 1721Baltimore, Maryland, USA I13362
33 Shipley, Elizabeth  1795Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10269


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Hannah  Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8340


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILT    Person ID 
1 McMillan, Thompson Robert  19 Aug 1942Baltimore, Maryland, USA I5902
2 Tarr, Gaylord Alvin  12 Feb 1946Baltimore, Maryland, USA I1086


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 ___(Palmer)___, Elizabeth  Sep 1828Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7783
2 Booth, Hannah  1825Baltimore, Maryland, USA I8507
3 Knieriem, William  Sep 1837Baltimore, Maryland, USA I4041
4 Moore, Elizabeth  Sep 1833Baltimore, Maryland, USA I4127
5 Palmer, Berry James  Sep 1833Baltimore, Maryland, USA I4711
6 Palmer, David  1833Baltimore, Maryland, USA I6204
7 Palmer, Elizabeth  Sep 1828Baltimore, Maryland, USA I2987
8 Palmer, Elizabeth  1833Baltimore, Maryland, USA I5326
9 Palmer, Hannah  Sep 1828Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7244
10 Palmer, James  Sep 1828Baltimore, Maryland, USA I3320
11 Palmer, Jane  Sep 1828Baltimore, Maryland, USA I4405
12 Palmer, Margery  Sep 1833Baltimore, Maryland, USA I3804
13 Palmer, Mary  Sep 1828Baltimore, Maryland, USA I3581
14 Palmer, Mary  Sep 1833Baltimore, Maryland, USA I3537
15 Palmer, Thomas Moore  Sep 1833Baltimore, Maryland, USA I6409


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Dorsey, Edward Col. Jr.  2 Apr 1705Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10008


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ashby, Darlene Dawn  1956Baltimore, Maryland, USA I6976
2 Barkhurst, Pearl Elizabeth  1955Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7450
3 Barnes, Adam  1820Baltimore, Maryland, USA I2943
4 Barnes, James Richard  1702Baltimore, Maryland, USA I1203
5 Barnes, James Richard  1703Baltimore, Maryland, USA I1203
6 Barnes, James Richard  1704Baltimore, Maryland, USA I1203
7 Dorsey, Edward Col. Jr.  1699Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10008
8 Dorsey, Edward Col. Jr.  1701Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10008
9 Dorsey, Edward Col. Jr.  1703Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10008
10 Dorsey, Edward Col. Jr.  1704Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10008
11 Dorsey, John Col.  1701Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10031
12 Dunfee, Harold Clinton  1955Baltimore, Maryland, USA I3792
13 Greer, George  3 May 1950Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10712
14 Huntemann, Charles O  1956Baltimore, Maryland, USA I1995
15 Martin, Dolly Dean  1956Baltimore, Maryland, USA I5698
16 McMillan, Thompson Robert  1942Baltimore, Maryland, USA I5902
17 Ogg, George Sr.  1702Baltimore, Maryland, USA I2202
18 Ogg, George Sr.  1704Baltimore, Maryland, USA I2202
19 Ogg, George Sr.  1706Baltimore, Maryland, USA I2202
20 Shipley, Robert  1702Baltimore, Maryland, USA I2383


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnes /   7 Oct 1834Baltimore, Maryland, USA F4949
2 Barnes / ___(Barnes)___  11 Nov 1801Baltimore, Maryland, USA F3736
3 Barnes / Chunn  23 Aug 1797Baltimore, Maryland, USA F2889
4 Barnes / Hobbs  19 Dec 1805Baltimore, Maryland, USA F3024
5 Barnes / Mercer  7 Oct 1834Baltimore, Maryland, USA F2933
6 Barnes / Wilson  6 Aug 1811Baltimore, Maryland, USA F1518
7 Dorsey / Larkin  1693Baltimore, Maryland, USA F3704
8 Hall / Kemp  17 Dec 1720Baltimore, Maryland, USA F8917
9 Hobbs / Baker  1758Baltimore, Maryland, USA F172
10 Hobbs / Barnes  22 Aug 1805Baltimore, Maryland, USA F3673
11 Ogg / Potee  22 Aug 1722Baltimore, Maryland, USA F4204
12 Shipley / Barnes  23 Dec 1790Baltimore, Maryland, USA F4669
13 Watkins / Barnes  25 Jan 1806Baltimore, Maryland, USA F111