Gary Storrick's Family

Selected ancestors and their descendants

Greene, Pennsylvania, USA


Tree: Gary Storrick's Family

Latitude: 39.8553, Longitude: -80.2224

Tree: Gary Storrick's Ancestors

Latitude: 39.8553, Longitude: -80.2224


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Austin Leasure  10 Sep 1878Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I10025
2 Anderson, Bessie Ellen  8 Jun 1908Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I2236
3 Ashbrook, Simon Lemon  Abt 1833Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I6016
4 Baldwin, Murdock Cleveland  28 Dec 1885Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I9572
5 Baldwin, Romney Robert  23 Nov 1889Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I9574
6 Bell, Rosa  24 Jun 1895Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I10489
7 Bennett, Timothy Eugene  5 Nov 1896Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I93
8 Caldwell, Samuel  26 May 1884Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I7632
9 Davis, John  Nov 1853Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I7717
10 Fisher, Sheldon  21 Jun 1889Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I7254
11 Frye, Jennie Myrtle  27 Sep 1883Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I11607
12 Gilmore, Mary Anna  6 Jun 1856Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I9032
13 Gordon, James Allen  13 Oct 1885Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I4315
14 Gordon, Robert  Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I6555
15 Grauder, Louise Jane  23 Feb 1873Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I12927
16 Gregg, Isaac Melvin  26 Jun 1869Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I5950
17 Gregg, William  13 Feb 1868Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I9507
18 Griffith, Miriam  1805Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I11249
19 Grimes, Della Oney  25 Nov 1880Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I2184
20 Hardin, Sarah Sadie Jane  Nov 1864Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I12379
21 Hillberry, Bessie May  26 Feb 1886Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I191
22 Hillberry, Lafayette  Aug 1868Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I12774
23 Huffman, Timothy Ross  23 Aug 1859Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I6459
24 Iams, John R  Abt 1858Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I3938
25 Iams, Nettie G  6 Feb 1888Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I595
26 Kelly, James S  1822Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I7654
27 Kelly, Matthew  1818Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I7122
28 Kiger, Orpha Bell  24 Jan 1895Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I1903
29 Lohr, Burley F  21 Aug 1900Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I10799
30 McNurlen, Jesse Sr.  29 Sep 1880Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I9772
31 Miller, Austia Mae  30 May 1896Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I11307
32 Miller, Austia Mae  30 May 1896Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I11307
33 Miller, Eliza Jane  10 Mar 1886Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I7233
34 Miller, Mary Elizabeth  Aug 1866Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I7880
35 Minor, Ewing McCleary  30 Nov 1899Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I4054
36 Moore, James Kenney  31 May 1874Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I10513
37 Moore, Peter Dillen  1844Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I8284
38 Pettit, Katherine Elizabeth  17 Jan 1894Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I7476
39 Phillips, Earl W.  24 Sep 1901Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I10477
40 Porter, Winfield Scott  Jul 1860Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I4719
41 Rhome, Margaret  19 Jan 1882Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I11713
42 Ross, Sarah Margaret "Sadie"  14 Oct 1885Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I1784
43 Roup, James Linsey  20 Aug 1871Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I6333
44 Roup, John Ewing  1841Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I12057
45 Roupe, Samuel G  25 Dec 1860Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I3722
46 Rush, Sarah E.  12 Jun 1838Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I4090
47 Rutan, Alfred Buchanan  10 Apr 1865Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I13470
48 Sargeant, Sarah Martha  29 Sep 1829Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I9339
49 Sargent, Pearl  26 Jun 1891Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I11449
50 Shape, Nancy  22 Jan 1862Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I3403
51 Shoup, Margaret Rachel  15 Sep 1854Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I8749
52 Sibert, Sarah Ida  1870Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I8308
53 Smith, Agnes E  18 Apr 1898Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I1092
54 Strawn, James Milton Sr  27 Feb 1869Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I11295
55 Ullom, Reynol Vermont  31 Mar 1910Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I7658
56 Wright, Thomas Jefferson  10 Apr 1858Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I6482


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ashbrook, Simon Lemon  21 Mar 1896Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I6016
2 Baldwin, Romney Robert  10 Oct 1953Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I9574
3 Griffith, Miriam  1880Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I11249
4 Huffman, Timothy Ross  18 Aug 1895Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I6459
5 Kughn, Lydia Ella  18 Oct 1970Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I11923
6 Pettit, Harrison  14 Feb 1932Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I10725
7 Roup, John Ewing  1893Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I12057
8 Rush, Sarah E.  4 Apr 1915Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I4090
9 Smalley, Azariah  6 Dec 1845Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I8532


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allen, Harvey Blaine  Between 1917 and 1918Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I3301
2 Glover, Clinton Earl  Between 1917 and 1918Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I6884
3 Harshman, Glenn Welnor  1942Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I11710
4 Kettering, Earl Arthur  1942Greene, Pennsylvania, USA I1677


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Burroughs / Throckmorton  14 Oct 1886Greene, Pennsylvania, USA F3580
2 Grimes / Fulton  25 Sep 1890Greene, Pennsylvania, USA F2587
3 Hawkins / ___(Hawkins)___  8 Jun 1904Greene, Pennsylvania, USA F4646
4 Huffman / Hardin  21 Jul 1888Greene, Pennsylvania, USA F431
5 Rhome / Phillips  1879Greene, Pennsylvania, USA F3993
6 Rutan / Mankey  1890Greene, Pennsylvania, USA F8494