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Left, Front Right, Rear
Left, Front Right, Front
Left, Rear Right, Front
Left, Rear Right, Rear
Left, Open for Rigging Right, Open for Rigging
Left, Open for Rigging Right, Open for Rigging

Technical Details

I acquired my SUT ascenders from Suntek in 2017.

The SUT is 70 mm. tall, 64 mm. wide, 24 mm. thick, and weighs 84 g. bare and 116 g. including the supplied harness. The body is stamped from aluminum alloy. Two slots at the bottom and two at the rear provide secure attachment for the supplied harness, and a slot at the front holds the ascender against the foot. The stamping is bent to form a 14 mm. rope channel. There are two horizontal mud relief grooves cut in the bend of the rope channel.

The cam is cast steel. The cam radius increases from 29 to 50 mm. over an angle of 40°, giving a 38° cam angle. The tooth pattern is (3.4.H.4.2.3.H.2.2.1)(1H1)(4.3). A small projection on the top of the cam provides a thumb tab, and the upper surface is grooved. A small pin on the shell limits how far the cam can open.

The SUT comes with a harness made from 20.5x1.5 mm. webbing gray webbing. One piece of webbing circles the ankle, another goes under the instep. A two-piece buckle allows for adjusting the strap around the ankle. The strap under the foot is adjusted at the ascender. A piece of tubular webbing under the foot protects the gray harness webbing.

The outside of the rope channel is printed with "SUT." The rear is printed with "CE1282," "EN 363:2008," "¤8≤ø≤13," a book-with-an-"i" icon, and "Max 150 Kg."


The SUT is similar to the Chinese foot ascender and the Camp Turbo Foot, but the SUT lacks the rollers.

Foot ascenders such as this don't fit into the climbing systems that I commonly use, although I have met froggers that seem to like them (but they also like the frog).