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Front Rear
Front Rear

Technical Details

I acquired my Russian, Version A from John E. Weinel, Inc. in 1996.

The Russian, Version A is 223 mm. tall, 102 mm. wide, 30 mm. thick, and weighs 234 g.

The shell is a tall irregular shaped stamping made from 3.9 mm. aluminum alloy sheet metal. A 16 mm. diameter rope channel is formed in the upper portion of one side and a smaller cam channel lies opposite. A hole drilled through both sides of the cam channel accepts a 6 mm. semi-tubular rivet. Both ends of the rivet are rolled; there is no head per se. The cam and cam spring are mounted on this rivet. The handle below the cam has a hard plastic hand grip molded into place. The hand grip has four finger grooves. A 14.6 mm. sling attachment hole lies below the handle opening. A 13.9 mm. hole passes through both sides of the rope channel, providing an attachment point just above the cam. A carabiner placed in this hole will probably drag on the rope. All attachment holes are well rounded.

The cam is a plated skeletonized steel casting. The cam radius increases from 46 to 62 mm. over an angle of 37°, giving a 25° cam angle. The cam has number of small conical teeth, but these are not pointed - the teeth look like the side view of a cone. The tooth pattern is (2.3)^2(2). Like most eccentric cam ascenders, the inner cam face radius reduces from top to bottom to accommodate various sized ropes. The cam safety is a machined aluminum lever mounted on a 3 mm. roll pin in the same shell channel as the cam. A second spring mounted on this roll pin serves as a safety spring. Normally this spring holds the safety where it blocks the cam from opening. When the end of the safety lever is depressed, the opposite end pivots upwards so that the cam is no longer obstructed.

There are no markings on this ascender.


This ascender features a thumb safety similar to that found on the Clog Expedition and the CMI Expedition ascenders, but the frame is more like the Kong-Bonaiti or Petzl Ascension . The cam teeth are not very effective and the ascender does not hold as well as I think it should.