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Semi-mechanical Ascenders

In his book Prusiking, Bob Thrun divided ascender knots into "knots consisting entirely of rope" (which I now call "ascender knots") and "semi-mechanical knots." I've chosen to break the latter into "carabiner knots" which use only a sling and a carabiner, and "semi-mechanical ascenders," which include the rest.

Paraphrasing Bob, carabiner knots and semi-mechanical ascenders use the sling rope to do most of the gripping. The semi-mechanical ascenders in my collection appear in the first table, and the carabiner knots are discussed below.

Gallery Gallery

Image ID Device Description Acquired Weight Height Width Thickness Std. volume
Eight-Link 161
Eight-Link 8-link for connecting chain, for Eight-Link or Heddon Eight-Link knots
  • Robert W. Storrick, 2002
  • William Greenwald, 2007
146 74 38 11 30
H-Bars 176 H-Bar, Version A Two 7/16" steel side bars with two 1/4" steel crossbars, for semimechanical Prusik Dr. Gary D. Storrick, 2004 122 70 60 11 46
H-Bars 177 H-Bar, Version B Two 7/16" steel side bars with two 1/4" steel crossbars, for semimechanical Prusik Dr. Gary D. Storrick, 2004 133 74 58 11 48
Interalp Camp Look 107 Interalp Camp Look Forged Al plate /w notches, for single or double rope. Repetto Sport, 1982 58 98 42 8 33
Interalp Camp Look 2303 Rope-Tek Hitch Hiker 2 Riveted steel channel, steel dogbone Pinnacle Arborist Supplies, 2017 311 90 51 63 291
Salewa 108
Forged Al block /w hole and notch, for semi-mechanical helical knot.
  • Eiselin Sport, 1982
  • Bill Edwards, 2016
11 31 27 8 7
Snap Hook 109 Snap Hook
Small hardware store snap link, for Varnedoe V-knot. Tru-Value Hardware, 1989 25 77 27 10 21
Storrick, Version A 112 Storrick, Version A Hand cut Al block /w hole and notch, Salewa copy, noncommercial Dr. Gary D. Storrick 22 35 34 10 12
Storrick, Version B 259 Storrick, Version B Milled Al block /w hole and notch, for semimechanical helical knot. Dr. Gary D. Storrick, 2008 11 31 26 7 6
Thrun 2294 Thrun, Version A Drilled Al plate with 3 3/8# holes, for semimechanical Prusik Bob Thrun Collection, 2017 30 63 26 6 10
Thrun 198 Thrun, Version B Drilled Al sheet with 2 5.16" holes, for semimechanical Prusik Dr. Gary D. Storrick, 2005 6 51 20 3 3

Carabiner Knots

I placed the carabiner knots in a separate table because the weight and dimensions depend on the particular carabiner being used.


The Gallery shows the following knots, which form a small portion of all the variations invented over the years:

Image Knot Image Knot
Bachmann Bachmann Rink Knot #2 Bachmann Knot Cheater Knot Cheater Knot
Bachmann Knot with Turns (a.k.a. Silverterknoten) Bachmann Knot with Turns
(a.k.a. Silverterknoten)
Garda Garda Knot
Bachmann Ring Knot Bachmann Ring Knot Marlatt Knot Marlatt Knot
Carabiner Knot (a.k.a. Bachmann 1947) Carabiner Knot
(a.k.a. Bachmann 1947)
RBS Knot RBS Knot
Carabiner Hedden Carabiner Hedden (Modified) Carabiner Hedden Prusik Around Carabiner Prusik Around Carabiner
Carabiner Prusik Carabiner Prusik Snap Link Twist Snap Link Twist


I would like to thank Franz Bachmann for letting me know of the history of his knots that he makes available at, and for the nice comments he has made there about my site.