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Epic Peak

Front Rear Top
Front Rear Top
Left Right Bottom
Left Right Bottom

Technical Details

I acquired my Epic Peak from Epic Peak Gear in 2017.

The Epic Peak is a notched belay tube. It is forged from aluminum alloy and soft anodized It has 2 slots with ribbed v grooves and a plastic-covered cable keeper. Mine is 45 mm. long, 55 mm. wide, 38 mm. high, and weighs 64 g. The slots are 34 mm. long and 16 mm. wide. The top of the Omega oval carabiner that I use for comparing belay tubes sits 16 mm. below the ends of the slots.

One side of the Epic Peak is printed with a rigging illustration, "For rope 8-11mm," "Epic Peak," and "1609."


The following belay tubes are essentially identical:

Image Device     Image Device     Image Device
Brasovia Notched Brasovia Notched   Epic Peak Epic Peak   NTR NTR
Climb Tech Climb Tech   Fusion Neo-Sat Fusion Neo-Sat   Stubai BC PRO Stubai BC PRO
Cypher Cypher   Good Makings Notched Good Makings Notched   Yoke Yoke
Elliot Elliot   NAT NAT    

The shallow V-notches used in this design do not seem to be very effective at increasing the braking force. The notches do not have the narrow angle found on the Trango Jaws and its equivalents, so they do not create the same wedging action.