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Camp Ovo

Front Rear
Front Rear

Technical Details

I acquired my Camp Ovo from Needle Sports in 2009.

This Canp Ovo is 113 mm. tall, 51 mm. wide, 9 mm. thick, and weighs 57 g. It has two slots that are each 50 mm. long.

One side of the Ovo has "CAMP" in raised forged letters, while the other has "kN22" in raised forged characters and "02 06" in screened numerals.


The Ovo has two long slots that give less friction than standard "Sticht" plates do. Although I don't like this for rock climbing, on snow and ice I don't mind it as much since I'm usually working with two ropes. Like the Kong Gi-gi and the Cassin #217, the Ovo really isn't intended for sport climbers and for everyday use, but it will serve guides well in certain situations such as belaying two clients.