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•March 15, 2017: This completes the pages describing the new items from Bob Thrun's collection.

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•March 5, 2017: This begins the task of describing the new items from Bob Thrun's collection.

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Coming Soon…I hope

I have evaluated the following devices, and I will be writing pages for them shortly:

  • Wild Country Ropeman, Version BETWEEN A & B (Eccentric Cam Ascender)
  • HAAS Tree Gear (Foot Ascender)
  • Jumar BETWEEN C & D (Handled Ecc. Cam Ascender)
  • Petzl Grigri+ (Lever Box Belay Device)
  • Gibbs QR, Version BEFORE A (Lever Cam (I) Ascender (b) - 1/2" Quick-release Pin Gibbs)
  • Sterling Halo Escape System (Misc. Descender)
  • Edelrid Ohm (Misc. Device 7)
  • Petzl Progress Adjust (Misc. Device 7)
  • Petzl Rollclip (Misc. Device 7)
  • Petzl Rollclup A (a.k.a.Triact-Lock) (Misc. Device 7)
  • Swiss-Roll (Misc. Device 7)
  • ITT Tulito Safety Clamp (Rope Grab)
  • NTR (Rope Grab)
  • SOB (Rope Grab)
  • Rope-Tek Hitch Hiker 2 (Semimechanical Ascender)

The following devices are new acquisitions. I need to test these before writing pages for them:

  • None at this time

The following devices are on order, in transit, or have been donated but not yet received:

  • None at this time

Long-term Plans

As you can see, this site is perpetually under construction. I started this in mid-August, 1999, and instead of waiting until the site was "perfect," I wanted to put something on line early. Even at this time, many years later, I still have more to add. This is a noncommercial site (I'm a user, I don't sell equipment, please don't ask), and I have to fit working on this into my spare time. My general plans are to continue developing the site in the following order:

  1. I accepted a long-term assignment that will likely keep me away from my collection and other site-development resources for a few years. Rest assured, everything is in a safe place, guarded by trustworthy cavers. I will still maintain the site as time and resources allow, but I'm sure that it will suffer until I return. Among the most obvious sacrifices, I will have to use improvised photographs on a temporary basis. These are easy to spot, as they have a "yellow grid on green" background.

  2. A hight priority is to review new, currently available equipment that is donated to my collection by the manufacturer or their distributors and dealers. I don't promise to like everything, but I will try give an honest assessment as soon as practicable (however long that takes).

  3. I try to create pages for all of the equipment that I currently own. This task is ongoing as I acquire and test new devices. Some of the descriptions are informal, as these were written quickly when I created the corresponding pages. These descriptions portray some of my opinions, but they tend to be rather incomplete. I want to expand these when I can, but each time I acquire something new, I start falling behind again.

  4. Some of the existing photos are blurred, so I need to reshoot them. I flag the worst ones with the "blurry eyes" icon . I also use this icon to flag photos that I want to replace for other reasons, such as having acquired a duplicate that is in better condition than the one originally photographed.

  5. There are always spelling and grammatical errors to be corrected! I correct these as I find them, and occassionaly make a concerted effort to systematically review each description - usually during the NSS Conventions.