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Antec Pole Lanyard Maxiglisse

Kit: Front Kit: Rear
Kit: Front Kit: Rear
Closeup: Front Closeup: Rear
Close up: Front Close up: Rear

Technical Details

I acquired my Maxiglisse from Inner Mountain Outfitters in 1999.

The Maxiglisse consists of 4 m. of 13.5 mm. rope with a hook at one end and an adjustable clamp. The rope has a 7 mm. steel core. The hook is 195 mm. long and features a double-action safety - one must squeeze both the front and back to open. The end of the rope is looped over a ferrule and a rod crudely riveted in the base of the hook, and then secured with two crimps. A length of heat shrink covers the crimps.

The clamp consists of a frame, spring-loaded cam, and rolled rivet axle. The frame and cam are cast aluminum. The finger grooves are comfortable and the shape of the upper cam makes it easy to operate the cam with the thumb.

The front of the clamp body has "ANTEC" in raised letters, and is engraved "CE 0639" and "EN 358 10/99 N.103." The rear has "ANTEC" and "MAXIGLISSE MODEL BREVETE" in raised letters. The hook is engraved with "ANTEC," "ML20 0757, CE 0639," EN 362", "N.324," and "11/99."


The Antec Pole Lanyard Maxiglisse is designed for climbing tree and utility poles, but the adjustable clamp resembles an ascender in some ways. Since the cam pivot is a rivet, the Maxiglisse cannot be attached to or removed from the rope except at the end of the rope.

The clamp is similar to the NTR and the Skylotec Ergogrip (Antec later became part of Skylotec).