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Tractel Splice-Safe V4250

Front Rear Side
Front Rear Side

Technical Details

I acquired my Tractel Splice-Safe V4250 from Roxie L. Cannon in 2017.

My Tractel Splice-Safe V4250 is 256 mm. long, 50 mm. wide, 9 mm. high, and weighs 242 g. is milled from an aluminum alloy plate. It has six 22.0 mm. holes for 5/8 - 3/4" (16-19 mm.) laid or 7/16 - 1/2" (11-13mm.) kernmantle rope.

The front is stamped with "SPLICE-SAFE," "V-4250-S/N12600574," a rigging illustration, "MINIMUM BREAKING STRENGTH: 10,000 LBS/44.4 kN," the Tractel logo, "DO NOT USE UNLESS PROPERLY TRAINED. YOU MUST READ AND UNDERSTANDALL INSTRUCTIONS SUPPLIED WITH THIS PRODUCT AT THE TIME OF SHIPMENT," "1-800-56-3229," "APPROVED ROPE ONLY," "3 STRAND: 5/8,3/4 IN,", and "KERNMANTLE 7/16, 1/2 IN."