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Faders Ballet

Front Rear
Front Rear

Technical Details

I acquired this eight from Barrabé in 2003.

The Faders Ballet is forged from aluminum alloy and then hard anodized. Mine is 108 mm. tall, 80 mm. wide, and 19 mm. thick. The Faders has a distinct bend that accounts for the increased thickness; if flat, it would be only 10.1 mm. thick. The rope hole is 35 mm. high and 53 mm. wide. The top center thickness is 10 mm. The shaft length and width are 35 mm. and 25 mm., respectively. The eye measures 20 mm. by 25 mm. The ears are 12.3 mm. long. My Faders Ballet weighs 84 g.

The concave side of the shaft has "FADERS" in raised forged letters.


This is one of the following family of essentially identical "mini" size figure eight with ears:

Image Device     Image Device
Ace Ace   Fusion (Good Makings) Compact Bent 8 Fusion (Good Makings) Compact Bent 8
AMP Outdoor 8 AMP Outdoor 8   Good Makings, Version B Good Makings, Version B
Climb X Mini Rescue 8 With Ears Climb X Mini Rescue 8 With Ears   Mad Rock Small Rescue 8 Mad Rock Small Rescue 8
Faders Ballet Faders Ballet   Proverti CD 302

These are small eights, and lighter than most figure eights with ears. If these were flat, they would create more friction than most. The bend allows them to be rigged two ways with differing amounts of friction. Even so, the rope hole is shorter than normal, so these eights may provide too much friction on stiff or muddy ropes.

Other small eights have similar bends. Examples are the Chouinard Version B, Faders, Frendo Version B, Kabelwerk Oberspree (perhaps the original design motivating for all of these - and yet not intended to be an eight at all!), and the Trango Penta, but this eight and its equivalents also have ears. Better yet, the ears are placed low where they can function effectively without increasing the size of the eight. For eared eights, I like this design enough to give each example a star.