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Ice Rock Duckling

Front Rear
Front Rear

Technical Details

I acquired my Ice Rock Duckling on eBay from Ice Rock in 2017.

The Ice Rock Duckling is forged from aluminum alloy and then soft anodized. Mine is 126 mm. tall, 105 mm. wide, and 11 mm. thick. The rope hole is 35 mm. high and 57 mm. wide. The top center thickness is 11 mm. The shaft length and width are 34 mm. and 24 mm., respectively. The eye measures 12 mm. by 12 mm. and has a black o-ring seated in an internal groove. The ears are 21 and 24.8 mm. long. My Ice Rock Duckling weighs 116 g.

One side is printed with the Ice Rock logo, "ICE ROCK," and "30 kN."


The Duckling is an unusual T-side eight that reminds me of the Kong Oka. Forgive me for saying this, but looking at these two makes me think that if you take a ladle of molten aluminum and pour some squiggles on the floor, you've designed a new descender. That is NOT what happened (as far as I know).

The eye is too small to accept two full size locking carabiners, and with the rubber insert, there are many normal carabiners and maillons that will not fit. Even the carabiner that came with the Duckling will not fit. Plan on dedicating a carabiner if you want to use this eight; otherwise, expect a lot of hassle. I wish folks would give up on the o-ring eye idea.

The unusual shape of the rope hole and the various horns allow for a variety of rigging configurations, and the horns also facilitate tying off. The rope hole is shorter than normal, so it may provide too much friction on stiff or muddy ropes.

I don't really like the lower spur - it does not appear to serve an essential purpose, but it does tend to poke me in the stomach.