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Epic Peak

Front Rear
Front Rear

Technical Details

I acquired my Epic Peak on eBay from Epic Peak in 2017.

The Epic Peak is forged from aluminum alloy and then soft anodized. Mine is 170 mm. tall, 169 mm. wide, and 16 mm. thick. The rope hole is 62 mm. high and 71 mm. wide. The top center thickness is 13 mm. The shaft length and width are 47 mm. and 42 mm., respectively. The auxiliary hole is 32 mm. high and 16.4 mm. wide. The eye measures 36 mm. by 40 mm. The ears are 33.2 mm. long. My Epic Peak weighs 279 g.

One side of the shaft is screened with "Epic Peak," "1609," and "40kN."


This is one of the following family of essentially identical forged aluminum rescue eights with ears:

Image Device     Image Device
Asol, Version B Asol, Version B   Fusion Terminal Rappel 8 Fusion Terminal Rappel 8  
Climb Right Climb Right, Version A   Good Makings, Version A Good Makings, Version A
Climb X Rescue 8 With Ears Climb X Rescue 8 With Ears   Kong Big "8"(805.06) Kong Big "8" (805.06)
Epic Peak Epic Peak   Mad Rock Rescue 8 Mad Rock Rescue 8
Fusion Fusion      

The Climbing Technology Ltd. eight is similar, but the ears are shaped differently. The Climb Right, Version B has a similar design, but it is a milled eight and is significantly smaller. There are several Kong steel eights that also have similar designs, some about the same size as the Kong Big "8" (805.06) in the table, some smaller.

On all of the ones in the table, the eye and ears are larger than they need to be. The belay slot is a reasonable size for a Sticht slot, and insetting part of the slot into the useless portion of the upper rope hole reduces the length of the eight. Still, like all rescue eights, these are too large and heavy for an eight - there are much better devices that are smaller and lighter than these eights but work just as well, if not better.