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Dinosaur Ring

Front View Rear View Side View
Front View Rear View Side View

Technical Details

I acquired my Dinosaur Ring from Pete Strickland at the 2010 NSS Convention. It was made by T. R. Evans.

The Dinosaur ring is a C-shaped aluminum alloy casting. It is 127 mm. tall, 124 mm. wide, 36 mm. thick, and weighs 688 g. Instead of a carabiner eye, the clip-in point is a loop of stiff 9 mm. laid nylon rope (perhaps Goldline) spiced through a 9 mm. hole.

There is narrow and "L" cast on each side of the ring.


The Dinosaur Ring dates from the 1960s, an era of manila rope. This explains the large size: it limits the bend radius imposed on the rope,

The Dinosaur Ring is capable of passing knots on rappel.

I have heard people apply the name "Dinosaur Ring" to a carabiner used in a Ranger rappel.