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Douglas Co. Mountain Rescue


Technical Details

I acquired this descender from C. J. Rushkin at the 1988 Old Timers Reunion.

This is a steel copy of the M.S.R. Longhorn described below. It is made from two pieces of half-inch steel rod. The first piece is approximately 420 mm. long and bent into the shape of an inverted Greek letter omega. The second piece is about 40 mm. long and welded inside the loop of the omega. The welds have been ground smooth, and the ends of the first rod are beveled.

The Douglass County Mountain Rescue longhorn is painted black. There are no markings on the device.


The Douglass County Mountain Rescue longhorn is almost identical in size and shape to the original M.S.R. Longhorn, but the steel construction makes it significantly heavier. It is far more wear resistant than the aluminum M.S.R., except the paint wears of easily. The weld does not bother me as much as the M.S.R. weld does, because properly performed welds in steel retain the full strength of the original material.