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Rescue Systems Inc.
(a.k.a. RSI)

Front View Rear View Side View
Front View Rear View Side View

Technical Details

I acquired this rack on eBay in 2010.

My RSI rack is 362 mm. tall, 71 mm. wide, 22 mm. thick, and weighs 749 g. The frame is made from 9.5 mm. steel bent into shape, with an internal width of 35 mm. and a 26 mm. diameter coiled eye. There are six brake bars. The top bar is a 22 mm. diameter, 70 mm. long Seaman-type aluminum bar. The remaining five bars are 16 mm. in diameter and 71 mm. long. Allowing 45 mm. for the rope gives a 65 mm. for spreading the bars.

There are no markings on this rack other than the remains of a warning sticker.


The rack frame appears to be identical to the later BlueWater frames (note the straight tail angled inward), and I suspect that it is one. The bottom five bars may be BlueWater bars as well.

The top brake bar uses Ed Seaman's design (The Nylon Highway #9). I do not know if it was originally supplied with the RSI rack, or added later. I would place the Seaman's bar in the second position to better utilize it's greater mass.

I should file the unloaded side of the bar holes so that the bars could pass over the top of the frame and pivot on the back side of the frame. This reduces the likelihood of accidentally disengaging bars by bumping them against an edge.