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Version 1 Version 2
Version 1 Version 2


Version 1

Front Rear
Front Rear

Technical Details

I acquired my BG Gear SQWUREL, Version 1 as a donation from from Luke Galyan of B. G. Gear in 2016.

The BG Gear SQWUREL, Version 1 is 95 mm. tall, 166 mm. wide, and 10 mm. thick, and weighs 162 g.

The SQWUREL is an irregular-shaped device milled from 7075 T6 / T651 aluminum plate.The main rope hole is 43.5 mm. wide and 41.7 mm. high. The eye is 13.5 mm. in diameter, and has an 11.1 mm. i.d. o-ring set in an internal groove. One side has a tail forming a series of bars. There is a 21 mm. long 3.5 mm. wide, 0.8 mm deep groove milled in the underside of the horn.

Each side of the SQWUREL is printed with an up-pointing arrow, "ANCHOR," "Patent Pending," a book-with-an-"i" icon, a hand icon, "BG-GEAR.COM," "USA," "SQWUREL," and the B. G. Gear logo.


The SQWUREL is designed for canyoneering on single 8 mm. to 11 mm. rope or double 8 mm. to 9 mm. rope. The tail provides a number of "bars" that allow changing friction while on rappel. The tail reminds me of the Snake and the bars function similarly; however, their use in the tail has a critical difference: wraps can be added or removed to provide incremental changes in friction without lifting the rope over one's head.

The directions state that the SQWUREL must be oriented horizontally, not vertically:

The SQWUREL can be rigged in a number of ways, providing varying friction increments. I particularly like their characterization of body types:

In the Simple-FS0 mode, the SQWUREL is rigged in a free running configuration similar to the Petzl Pirana. The Jumbo-FS0 mode is similar to the alternate Petzl Pirana rigging, while the Behemoth-FS0 mode resembles the classic Figure Eight rigging. Each of these modes allows for extra friction by using the tail. The result is an incrementally variable friction device that, with proper choice of mode and tail bars, should work well for most people.

I wasn't sure what the groove in the underside of the horn accomplished, and the BG-GEAR web site did not mention it when discussing when to retire a SQWUREL. My guess was that it is a wear indicator, but I that guess was wrong. Luke wrote me to set me straight:

Hey Gary,

I took a look at your site curious if you added the Sqwurel yet. Woo hoo its up! No pics yet though. Anyway thought I would let you know what the groove was for on the underside of the ear. It is a bottle opener. I had to put one fun aspect into the device if possible. People find out via word of mouth instead of in the instructions. Just thought I would settle your curiosity. ☺ And if you want to add that to the site feel free! There have been forum posts, facebook posts and even a couple short vids circled around of its use as a bottle opener. ☺

Any way stoked to see it make your collection.


The BG-GEAR web site explains the name:

SQWUREL is not some fancy acronym and does not stand for anything. While developing the SQWUREL, many shapes and sizes were made to test various geometries and configurations. A lot of these prototypes looked absolutely nothing like the final version of the SQWUREL. One of the versions along the way looked like a squirrel and no matter who I handed it to they said "it looks like a squirrel." Well the name stuck even thought the shape changed. Its cute but its just a name with no real meaning.

I find spelling "SQWUREL" is particularly challenging !

Version 2

Front Rear
Front Rear

Technical Details

I acquired my BG Gear SQWUREL, Version 2 from BG Gear in 2016.

Version 2 is 90 mm. tall, 166 mm. wide, and 10 mm. thick, and weighs 158 g.

Version 2 has a smaller horn than Version 1, eliminates one ear in the tail, and shortens the end of the tail.

Each side of the Version 2 is printed with "SQWUREL," an up-pointing arrow, "Anchor," a book-with-an-"i" icon, "V2" inside a six-tooth gear, "BG-GEAR.COM," a hand icon, "1," B. G. Gear logo, "2," "USA," "3," and "Patent Pending.


Version 2 is slightly smaller and lighter than Version 1. None of the changes seem to affect the SQWUREL's performance.