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Венто (Vento)

Front View Rear View Side View
Front View Rear View Side View

Technical Details

I acquired this rack from John E. Weinel, Inc. in 2003.

My Венто rack is 223 mm. tall, 62 mm. wide, 20 mm. thick, and weighs 376 g. The frame is made from 7.9 mm. steel (not stainless) bent into a U, with an internal width of 26 mm. There are four brake bars. The first and third bars are painted steel tubing, 21 mm. in diameter and 52 mm. long. The second bar is solid aluminum alloy, 20 mm. in diameter and 52 mm. long. The bottom bar is an inverted single hyperbar, 20 mm. in diameter and 62 mm. long. Allowing 35 mm. for the rope leaves 72 mm. for spreading the bars. Two hex nuts on each side of the frame secure the bars.

There are no markings on this rack.


This is a crude Russian rack. The frame extends above the nuts, leaving sharp threads to damage the rope. The nuts are standard hex nuts, not lock nuts. I don't like painted rappel devices, but at least the paint job on the red bars is so bad that the paint flakes off easily. The inverted hyperbar that is used for tying off, but I would rather see a top hyperbar for increasing friction on rappel - assuming one replaced the nuts with smooth posts.

"Венто" transliterates as "Vento."